Unit 7 lớp 10 Language Focus - Ngữ pháp The Mass Media

Bài học Language Focus Unit 7 Lớp 10 - The Mass Media hướng dẫn các em ôn tập thì hiện tại hoàn thành phân biệt cách sử dụng mệnh đề nhượng bộ với những dạng thức khác nhau.



Tóm tắt bài

1. Pronunciation Language Focus Unit 7 Lớp 10

Phát âm /eɪ/ - /aɪ/ - /ɔɪ/

2. Grammar Language Focus Unit 7 Lớp 10

2.1. Present perfect (Thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

Công thức:

  • S + have/has + Ved/III
    • have lived here for 4 years.
    • She has worked for this company since 2010.
  • S + have/has + not + Ved/III
    • haven't seen her before.
    • She hasn't lived here since 2015.
  • Have/Has + S + Ved/III?
    • Have you ever eaten this fruit?
    • Has he read the news today?
  • Wh - question + have/has + S + Ved/III?
    • What have you done so far?
    • How have they got to work?

Cách dùng:

  • Diễn tả một hành động vừa mới xảy ra có sử dụng " just" đặt giữa "have" và "past participle".
    • They have just come.
    • She has just finished her homework.
  • Diễn tả một hành động xảy ra tại một thời điểm không xác định trong quá khứ.
    • She has lost her key.
    • We have met you somewhere.
  • Diễn tả hành động đã hoàn thành trong khoảng thời gian hiện tại mà chưa qua hết thời gian đó.
    • We've been to the cinema twice this month.
  • Diễn tả hành động bắt đầu trong quá khứ và còn tiếp tục đến hiện tại và tương lai.
    • We have learned English for three years.
    • My family have lived in Hue for more than 20 years.
  • Diễn tả một hành động bắt đầu ở quá khứ và dừng lại ở lúc nói.
    • haven't seen you for ages.

2.2. Because of and In spite of

  • Because of + Noun/Noun phrase
    • I didn't go to the party because of my tiredness.
    • She left home due to being badly treated.
  • In spite of /Despite + Noun/Noun phrase
    • In spite of her illness, she tried her best to complete the assignment.
    • Despite poverty, he succeeded in his life.

3. Exercise Language Focus Unit 7 Lớp 10

3.1. Unit 7 Lớp 10 Language Focus Exercise 1

Complete the letter, using the present perfect of the verbs in the box. (Hoàn thành lá thư, sử dụng thì Hiện tại hoàn thành của các động từ trong khung.)

do        be       watch       live        meet          have        take


Guide to answer

1. have been

2. has lived

3. have met

4. have done

5. have had

6. have taken

7. have watched

3.2. Unit 7 Lớp 10 Language Focus Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences, using for, since or ago. (Hoàn thành các câu sau, sử dụng for, since hoặc ago.)

1. Lan and Minh have lived in Ho Chi Minh City ______ 1999.

2. Hoa and Quan quarred with each other some time _______.

3. The house is very dirty. We haven't cleaned it ______ ages.

4. We haven't had a good meal ________ three weeks.

5. ______ Christmas, the weather has been quite good.

6. They have known each other ______ a long time.

7. They first met a long time ______.

8. They arrived home ten minutes ______. 

9. It's two years _____ I last saw Quoc Anh.

10. How long is it ___ you last saw Linda?

Guide to answer

1. since

2. ago

3. for

4. for

5. Since


7. ago

8. ago

9. since

10. since

3.3. Unit 7 Lớp 10 Language Focus Exercise 3

Complete the following sentences, using the information in the box. (Hoàn thành các câu sau, sử dụng thông tin trong khung.)

Guide to answer

1. c & f

   Because of the cold weather, we kept the fire burning all day.

   In spite of the cold weather, we all wore shorts.

2. b & d

   Because of his illness, he had to cancel the appointment.

   In spite of his illness, he managed to come to school.

3. a & e

   Because of the large crowds, we could not see what was going on.

   In spite of the large crowds, there were enough seats for everyone.

4. h & j

   Because of the meat shortage, everyone is living on beans.

   In spite of the meat shortage, we have managed to get some beef.

5. i & g

   Because of the bad condition of the house, the council demolished it.

   In spite of the bad condition of the house, they enjoyed living there.


Bài tập minh họa

I. Supply either BECAUSE or BECAUSE OF as appropriate:

1/ “Why did you do it?” “_______ Carlos told me to”.

2/ I did it _______ he told me to.

3/ The train was delayed _______ bad weather.

4/ They are here _______ us.

5/ Just _______ I don’t complain, people think I’m satisfied.

6/ We can't go to Julia's party _______ we're going away that weekend.

7/ Have you been away, _______ we haven't seen you recently?

8/ He walked slowly _______ his bad leg.

9/ _______ his wife's being there, I said nothing about it.

10/ It was not easy to deliver the letter _______ there was no address on it.

II. Complete the following sentences with “for” or “since”, and the correct form of the verb in brackets:

1/ There (be) _______ a phone message _______ you.

2/ She (be) _______ off work _______ Tuesday.

3/ I (buy) _______ something _______ the new baby.

4/ We (live) _______ here _______ 1994.

5/ There (be) _______ a prize _______ the fastest three runners in each category.

6/ She (worry) _______ ever _______ the letter (arrive) _______.

7/ She (be) _______ out of the office _______ a few days next week.

8/ He (work) _______ in a bank _______ leaving school.

9/ _______ the party she (only speak) _______ to him once.

10/ I (not play) _______ tennis _______ years.


I. Supply either BECAUSE or BECAUSE OF as appropriate

1/ Because       ; 2/ because      ; 3/ because of ; 4/ because of ; 5/ because

6/ because        ; 7/ because      ; 8/ because of ; 9/ Because of ; 10/ because

II. Complete the following sentences with “for” or “since”, and the correct form of the verb in brackets

1/ is/ for           ; 2/ has been/ since      ; 3/ had better buy/ for

4/ have lived/ since      ; 5/ is/ for         ; 6/ had been worrying/ since/ arrived

7/ will be/ for   ; 8/ has been working/ since    ; 9/ Since/ had only spoken

10/ haven't played/ for 

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