Bài tập bổ trợ ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 8

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Chuyên đề 1 : Các thì và dạng của động từ

I. Chia động từ trong ngoặc cho đúng thì (Give correct tenses of the verbs)

1. Mary (be) ____________________ seriously ill since last night.

2. They sometimes (go) ____________________ school by bus.

3. How long __________ you (study) __________ English? - I (study) ____________________ it for 7 years.

4. We last (see) _____________ them last Sunday.

5. I (not meet) ____________________  him since he moved to Hanoi.

6. Now they (play) ____________________ happily in the school yard.

7. We (not finish) ____________________ our exercises yet.

8. My friend said he (be) __________ working in Hanoi then.

9. Mr. David (just buy) ____________________ a new house.

10. They (build) ____________________ a new hospital in my neighborhood next month.

11. It (not rain) ____________________ since the beginning of this month.

12. Lan asked me if I (like) __________ pop music.

13. We (begin) ____________ to learn English three years ago. Now we (learn) __________________ for 3 years.

14. __________ you ever (be) __________ to Ho Chi Minh City?

15. The telephone (ring) __________ when we (watch) ____________________ television last night.

16. Mrs Hoa (teach) ____________________ English in this school since she (leave) __________ the university.

17. Look! That car (run) _________________ very fast.

18. The Browns (have) ____________________ dinner at the moment.

19. He (live) ____________________ in Hanoi for 20 years.

20. Alexander Graham Bell (invent) _____________ the telephone many years ago.

21. She (be) __________ very ill now. She (not go) ___________________ to school since Monday.

22. + __________  you (be) __________  to Phong Nha before?

      + Yes. I (spend) _____________  my holiday there last summer.

23. I must go now. I (phone) ________________ you when I (arrive) ______________ there.

24. When I last (see) __________ them, they ( work) ____________________ in a factory in Hanoi.

25. Ba's teacher (give) __________ him a lot of homework last week.

26. Tom hopes he (meet) __________ many interesting people when he goes to Hanoi next month.

27. Mai and her friends (walk) ____________________  to school now.

28. They (go) __________  to Sao Mai Movie Theater last night.

29. She (not see) ____________________  that film before.

30. My mother was waiting for me when I (come) ______________ home.

31. Ann and Susan (cook) _____________________ dinner when Martin arrived home.

32. The light (go) ______________ out while we were having dinner.

33. + What __________ you (do) ______________ at this time yesterday?

      + I (play) _____________________ games on the computer.

34. Tom! Turn off the TV. You (always watch) ____________________ TV.

35. Lan often (do) __________ her homework carefully.

36. This is the first time Hoa (meet) ____________________ Tim's family.

37. They said they (go) ____________________ to Hanoi the following day.

38. Yesterday (be) __________ a beautiful day. The Sun (shine) ____________________ brightly when we

       (leave) ______________ home.

39. The teacher asked me if I (know) __________ where the Statue of Liberty was.

40. Listen! Mai (play) ____________________ the piano in her room.

41. + What kind of music ____________ you (like) __________ ?

      + I like pop music.

42. In summer, the Sun usually (shine) __________________ brightly.  

43. I (not finish) _______________________ reading the novel you lent me yet.

44. Julia (write) ________________________ an email to her boy friend now.

45. Jack (not meet) _______________________ Tom the last time he came to America.

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