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Bài học Unit 16 Man and the environment phần Grammar hướng dẫn các em ôn tập về những điểm ngữ pháp đã học: thì hiện tại đơn, thì hiện tại tiếp diễn, so sánh tính từ...


Tóm tắt bài

1. Unit 16 Grammar Practice Exercise 1

Present simple tense (Thì hiện tại đơn)

a) Nam: Where are you from?

Tom: I am from Canada.

Nam: ... you .... Vietnamese?

Tom: No, I don't. I speak English and French.

b) Tom is from Canada. He .... English and French.

c) Lee is from China. He ..... Chinese.

d) Yoko is from Japan. She ...... Japanese.

e) Minh is from Viet Nam. He ...... Vietnamese.

f) John is from the USA. He ...... English.

Guide to answer

a. Nam : Where are you from?

Tom : I am from Canada.

Nam : Do you speak Vietnamese?

Tom : No, I don’t. I speak English and French.

b. Tom is from Canada. He speaks English and French.

c. Lee is from China. He speaks Chinese.

d. Yoko is from Japan. She speaks Japanese.

e. Minh is from Vietnam. He speaks Vietnamese.

f. John is from the USA. He speaks English.

2. Unit 16 Grammar Practice Exercise 2

Present simple and present progressive tenses (thì Hiện tại đơn và thì Hiện tại tiếp diễn)


What is her name?

Her name is Susan.


Where does she live?

She lives in London.


Where is she staying now?

She is staying in Hanoi now.


What does she do?

She is a teacher.


What does she teach?

She teaches English.


Does she teach you?

No. She doesn't teach me.

Mr Hai teaches me.

3. Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives 

(So sánh hơn và so sánh nhất của tính từ)

long longer the longest
short shorter the shortest
tall taller the tallest
small smaller the smallest
big bigger the biggest
high higher the highest
thick thicker the thickest

a) The Mekong River is long. The Amazon River is longer than the Mekong. The Nile is the longest river in the world.

b) The Great Wall of China is long. It is the longest structure in the world.

c) Sears Tower in Chicago is tall, but it isn't the tallest building in the world. PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur is taller than Sears Tower. It is the tallest building in the world.

d) Ha Noi is big, but it is not the biggest city in Viet Nam. Ho Chi Minh City is bigger than Ha Noi. It is the biggest city in Viet Nam. But Mexico City is the biggest city in the world.

4. Indefinite quantifiers (từ định lượng)

The streets of Ha Noi are very busy. There is a lot of traffic. Most people only have a little money to spend on transportation. As a result, there are only a few private cars on the roads.

The bike is the cheapest form of transportation, so there are a lot of bikes. There are lots of motorbike, too. There are a lot of taxis, but they are expensive.

transportation (n): sự đi lại expensive (adj): đắt as a result: kết quả cheap (adj): rẻ private car: xe tư, xe riêng traffic (n): sự đi lại, giao thông

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    On the other hand, people who (4)........ a living out of timber think they have a right to cut down trees. I think this is fine provided that they (5) trees to replace the one they cut down. Unfortunately,a lot of illegal logging also takes place and these (6).........not replaced. As far as i am concerned,the best approach would be to manage our forests more carefully so that we only cut down trees when its helps other trees survive and remain healthy, or aspart of a replanting program.

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