Unit 4 lớp 10 Listening - Bài nghe Special Education

Bài học Listening Unit 4 Lớp 10 - Special Education hướng dẫn các em thực hành kỹ năng nghe điền thông tin còn thiếu và tường thuật lại thông tin đã được nghe.


Tóm tắt bài

1. Before You Listen Unit 4 Lớp 10

Work in pairs. Fill each of the blanks with one word from the box. (Làm việc theo cặp. Điền vào mỗi chỗ trống một từ trong khung.)

photograph         photographer         photography

photogenic          photographic


I joined a (1) _______ club when I was at secondary school and I have been fascinated by (2) _______ ever since. However, I have decided not to become a professional (3) _____. I once took a (4) ____of my girl - friend and she did not look as beautiful in the picture as she was. I tried to calm her down by saying. "You are not very (5) _______, honey."

Guide to answer

1. photographic

2. photography

3. photographer

4. photograph

5. photogenic

2. While You Listen Unit 4 Lớp 10

2.1. Unit 4 Lớp 10 Listening Task 1

Listen to some information about a photography club and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). (Nghe một số thông tin về một câu lạc bộ nhiếp ảnh và quyết định xem những câu nói sau là đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

1. The Vang Trang Khuyet Club's memeber are all disabled children.

2. The club's members are now teaching photography to other children.

3. The club's members are exhibiting their photographs for the first time in Hanoi.

4. The subject of their photos is the sorrow of being disabled.

5. The passions for taking photographs has helped them escaped their sorrow.

Guide to answer

1. T

2. F

3. T

4. F

5. T

2.2. Unit 4 Lớp 10 Listening Task 2

Listen again and fill in each blank with a suitable word. (Nghe lại và điền vào mỗi chỗ trống một từ thích hợp.)

Guide to answer

1. pholographic

2. 19

3. exhibition

4. 50

5. beauty

6. simple

7. peaceful

8. chickens

9. stimulated

10. escape

3. After you listen Unit 4 Lớp 10

Work in group. Retell the story about the Vang Trang Khuyet Photographic Club. (Làm việc theo cặp. Kể lại câu chuyện về Câu lạc bộ nhiếp ảnh Vầng Trăng Khuyết.)

Guide to answer

The Vang Trang Khuyet Photographic Club, just 6 months old, comprises 19 deaf, mute or mentally retarded children. It has its first exhibition in Hanoi.

There are more than 50 colour photos on display at the exhibition. The subjects are simple and peaceful. Most photos are related to the beauty of daily simple life.

4. Tapescript Listening Unit 4 Lớp 10

If you ask any member of the Vang Trang Khuyet Club which time of the day enjoy most, and they will all agree their photography lesson.

The Vang Trung Khuyet Club's members come from the Nhan Chinh School for Children, Xa Dan Secondary School for Deaf and Mute Children, and the Hanoi Literature and Art Club for Mentally Retarded Children.

Whenever we hold a camera, wandering around and taking in our surroundings through a lens, we can forget the sorrow of our disabilities, says club member Nguyen Minh Tam.

The six-month-old photographic club, which comprises 19 deaf, mute or mentally retarded children, is now having its first exhibition in Hanoi.

More than 50 color photos are on display at the exhibition room featuring the beaty of daily life seen through the eyes of these disabled children. The subjects simple and peaceful: old men reading books on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, labourers hard at work, or chickens looking for food.

The children's passion for taking pictures has stimulated them and helped them escape their sorrow.

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5. Hỏi đáp Listening Unit 4 Lớp 10

Trên đây là nội dung bài học Listening Unit 4 trong chương trình tiếng Anh lớp 10, trong quá trình học bài và thực hành nghe hiểu có điểm nào chưa hiểu các em có thể đặt câu hỏi trong mục Hỏi đáp để được sự hỗ trợ từ cộng đồng HỌC247. Chúc các em học tốt!

  • Chọn từ thích hợp điền vào chỗ còn trống

        The New York Institution for the Blind was (1)………..in 1831, about five years after Louis Braille had developed (2)………..system of writing for the (3)……….. It was one of the first schools in the United States to provide an (4)………..program for children who were blind or (5)………..impaired. Early in the twentieth century the name was (6)………..to The New York Institute for Special Education (NYISE) to better reflect the (7)………..expanded focus and commitment to children with a variety of (8)………..

    1. a. discovered

    b. founded

    c. located

    d. provided

    2. a. the

    b. this

    c. his

    d. its

    3. a. deaf

    b. blind

    c. mute

    d. disabled

    4. a. educated

    b. educating

    c. education

    d. educational

    5. a. visually

    b. mentally

    c. hearing

    d. badly

    6. a. renamed

    b. adjusted

    c. changed

    d. developed

    7. a. school’s

    b. program’s

    c. system’s

    d. founder’s

    8. a. impairments

    b. injuries

    c. handicaps

    d. disabilities

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