Bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 4, 5, 6 Tiếng Anh 6

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HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em vui tài liệu Ôn tập Unit 4, 5, 6 tiếng Anh lớp 6.







Choose the correct answer.

1. – Who are you?

    _ _______

A. How do you do?                           B. Thank you, Daisy.

C. Fine, thanks.                                   D . My name’s Daisy.

2. Is _____ big?

             A. Nancy school                                             B. Nancy’s  the school.

C. the school with Nancy                   D. Nancy’s school

3. How _____ milk is there in the bottle?

A.  much                                             B.  many

C. few                                                             D. little

4. Susan is ______ grade 6.

A. on                                                   B. at

C. for                                                   D. in

5. How many classrooms ______ ?

A. your school have                            B. does your school have

C. your school  has                              D. does your school has

6. _ ______ is your house ?

    _ It’s  in the country.

A. Who                                               B. What

C. Where                                             D. When

7. Which word contains a different sound from the others ?

A. tea                                                  B. breakfast

C. heavy                                              D. bread

8. Our flat is on _____ floor.

A. three                                               B. third

C. the three                                         D. the third

9. Which word is the odd one out?

A. beautiful                                         B. garden

C. large                                                D. cheap

10.  Complete the square.






A. round                                              B. thick

C. short                                               D. tall

11. _ ______

      _ He’s  in  grade 12.

A. Your brother grade 12?

B. How old  is your  brother?

C. Which grade is  your brother in?

             D. Is this room 12?

12. _ _____

      _ I have lunch at 11.30 am.

A. What time do you have lunch?

B. Where do you have lunch?

C. What time is it?

D. Do you have lunch at school?

13. _ Where is your dictionary?

   _ _______  on the table.

A. It                                                    B. It’s

C. It is                                                             D. B & C

14. Rose gets up at 6.00 ______ the morning.

A. in                                                    B. on

C. at                                                    D. with

15. Hung ______ dressed very quickly.

A. does                                                B. wears

C. carries                                             D. gets

16. Which verb adds _es in the third person?

A. see                                                  B. watch

C. buy                                                D. work

17. Which word is the odd one out?

A.  high                                                B. wide

C. heavy                                               D. long

18. _ ______ is the film?

      _ Two and a  half hours

A. How much                                     B. When

C. What time                           D. How long

19. The table _______ .

A. is long one meter                B. has one meter

C. is one meter long                D. Is one long meter

20. Put the word of ten  in the right place in the following sentence.

Giang (A) has (B) breakfast (C) at (D) 6.30 am.

21. That house is very big ______ beautiful.

A. but                                      B. so

C. and                                                 D. however

22. _ Fred says he doesn’t like you.

      _ ______

A. I don’t care.                                   B. It is the name

C. I know he isn’t.                              D. I’m sorry.




Choose the correct answer.

1. ______ do you pronounce this word?

A. What                                              B. Who

C. How                                               D. Which

2 Complete the square.






A. heavy                                              B. short

C. small                                               D. slow

3. Match 3.30 pm with the correct part of the day.

A. night                                               B. morning

C. afternoon                                        D. evening

4. Which sentence is correct ?

A. Susan don’t work in a bank

B. Susan doesn’t works in a bank.

C. Susan not work in a bank.

D. Susan doesn’t work in a bank.

5. _ ______

    _ Yes, I do. I really enjoy it.

A. Where  do you work?

B. Do you like your job?

C. Does  your wife enjoy her job?

D. Does your wife work for a computer company?

6. There are  two pictures _____ the wall.

A. on                                                   B. over

C. for                                                   D. with

7. How many people _____ ?

A. is there                                            B. are there

C. has there                                         D. have there

8. Which sentence is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?

The house is big.

A. We live in a big house.                   B. It’s a  big house.

C. I buy a big house.                           D. Is the house big.

9. Which word is the odd one out?

A. pink                                                B. green

C. dark                                                            D. red

10.  Is this _____ floor?

A. thirteen                                           B. the thiteen

C. thirteeth                                          D. the thirteenth

11. There’s Liz with _______ .

A. her three friends close                    B. her three close friends

C. three friends close her                    D. three close friends her

12. _ ______

      _ Anna often has breakfast at 6.00 am.

A. What does Anna often do at 6.00 am?

B.  What time does Anna often have breakfast?

C. When does Anna  often have breakfast?

D. A, B& C


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