Grammar Practice Unit 9 - Unit 11 - Thực hành ngữ pháp

Nhằm giúp các em thực hành các điểm ngữ pháp từ bài học Unit 9 - Unit 11, HỌC247 gửi đến các em hướng dẫn thực hành ngữ pháp theo chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 6 SGK.


Tóm tắt bài

1. Present simple tense (thì Hiện tại đơn)


a) Do you like noodles?

Yes, I like noodles.

Do you like rice?

No, I don't like rice.

b) Does she like chicken?

Yes, she likes chicken.

Does she like fish?

No, she doesn't like fish.

2. a, an, some, any

a) Do you have any bananas?

No, I don't have any bananas, but I have some oranges.

I would like an orange (some oranges), please.

b) Do we have any drinks?

There is some fruit juice on the table.

c) Do we have any soda?

There is some on the shelf in the kitchen.

I would like a can of soda.

3. Adjectives (Tính từ)

a) He isn't tall. He is short.

b) He isn't fat. He is thin.

c) He isn't heavy. He is light.

d) He isn' weak. He is strong.

e) He isn't hungry. He is full.

f) He isn't hot. He is cold.

g) His lips aren't full. They are thin.

h) His hair isn't short. It is long.

4. Question words (Từ để hỏi)

a) Who is in living room?

Bi and Fifi are in living room.

b) What is Bi doing?

He is doing his homework.

c) How much homework does he have?

He has a lot of homework.

d) What is Fifi doing?

She is sleeping.

e) Where is she?

She is under the table.

5. Contrast (Phân biệt)

a) She eats a lot of fruit.

She is eating an apple now.

b) They drink juice.

They are drinking some juice at the moment.

c) He rides his bicycle every day.

He is riding his bicycle at the moment.

d) She goes to bed early.

She is going to bed now.

e) She gets up early.

She is getting up now.

f) She travels by bus.

She is traveling by bus now.

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  • I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined, italic part pronounced differently from the rest.

    1. A. closes B. horses C. roses D. houses

    2. A. cooked B. hoped C. laughed D. measuded

    3. A. food B. good C. foot D. looked

    4. A. guilty B. suitable C. guitar D. biscuit

    5. A world B. word C. worry D. work

    II. Choose A,B,C or D

    1. We always need more players. Why don't we come ......?

    A. on B. along C. with D. after

    2 . Students have two....... each day

    A. 20-minutes breaks B. 20- minute break C. 20- minute break D. 20- minutes break

    3. giving a report in front of the class in an interesting ..........

    A. act B. action C. activity D. activities

    4. do you often go out.....?

    A. in the afternoon on Friday B. on Friday in the afternoon

    c. on afternooons Friday D. on Friday afternoons

    5. the wind is blowing and the sky.... gray

    a. look b. looks c. is looking d. is looks

    6. we may know the land very well, but we know very.............. aboutt the oceans

    a. few b. little c.much d. a little

    7. all children should phay outdoors and develop their ...... skills

    a. social b. society c. socially d. socialize

    8. she added a little salt to the soup so it tasted .........

    a. deliciously b. well c. good d. tastefully

    9. of all the students in my clas, Nam is ..............

    a. tallest b. taller c. tall d. the tallest

    10. cheese, butter and cream are.......

    a. fruits b. vegetables c. dairy products d. milk products

    11. are there............... any for me this morning?

    a. any letters b. letter c. any letter d. some letters

    12. my father is a........ football player

    a. skill b. skilled c. skifully d. skiful

    13 my sisiter doesn't like coffee, and.......

    a. I don't like, either b. I don't, too c. neither do I d. both a &

    14. flouride toothpaste helps.... tooth decay

    a. prevent b. for preventing c. preventing d. with preveting

    15. The smaller the room is, the .,....... furnituren it needs

    a. fewer b. smaler c. more d. less

    III. give the correc

    1. last week, some members of the class.......(have)...... a cold. They(keep) coughing and sneezing

    2. you must( wash) vegetable carefully or the dirt from the farm on them(make) ou sick

    3. hoa's father ( be) a painer. he( decoate) his neighbours' house this morning

    4. Mr. Tan (not sit) in Dr. Lai's surgery now. H(leave) two hours ago

    5. lasy month, heer mother (teach) her how to use a sewing machine. She (make) a new dress for her sister tonight

    IV. complete the sentences

    1. the water is...... you can't drink it ( pollute)

    2. boys and girls may behave ....... is this situation ( differ)

    3. Don't eat too much, otherwiseyou will be ........ ( weigh)

    4. I don't like that man because he is very .............. ( friend)

    5. he has a bad cold. He feels very............... ( please)

    6. nobody likes him because of his............ ( tidy)

    7. There are many good pprgram on TV for............ ( teen)

    8. Walking is a fun, easy and.......... activity ( expensive)

    9. It was extremely................ of you leave your library book on the bus ( care)

    10. he is quite an ................... person. He plays a lot of sports ( energy)

    V. Tìm lỗi sai trong câu

    1.out cows produce less milk than their

    2. the post office often sells phone cards apart of stamps.

    3. my dad alway has a three- weeks vacation a year

    4. I hope Mr. Ba soon got used to taveling to work by bicyle

    5. the doctor says you should spens a litte time to play video games

    VI. viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa ko đổi

    1. going camping is more interesting than going shopping with my brother => I prefer

    2. I often went swimming with my brother last year => I used

    3. Why didn't your brother go to work yesterday => Why was

    4. they heve two- month summer vacation => their summer vacation lasts

    5. Waling in the rain gives him pleasure => he enjoy

    6. we couldn't drive fast because o the heavy rain => the heavy rain

    7. he is the worst soccer player in his team => no one

    9. It too me 2 hours to do this math question yesterday => I spend

    10. he didn't remeber any thing about it, and neither did you => he forgot

    VII. make up sentences using the words and phrases given

    1. I hope/I/get/first/prize/ Districs level excellent students contest

    2. My brother/not/good/draw/neither/I

    3. you/ better/not/eat/too/sugar/because/it/not good/your teeth

    4. Nam/father/advies/not/watch/too/useless/TV/ program

    5. He/rather/eat/out/cook/home

    6. the children/rehearse/play/school/anniversary/ celebration/Town Hall/ moment

    7. school,/all students/part/many outdoor activities




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  • Reoder the words to have correct sentences

    1. returned/ they/ Hanoi/ after/ to/ visiting/ Hue

    2. live/ house/ in/ a/ His/ in/ the/ countryside/ grandparents/ small

    3. always/ she/ me/ stamps/ she/ letters/ recieved/ gives/ the/ from

    4. short/ stpped/ they/ the/ at/ restaurant/ for/ time/ a

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