Hỏi đáp Unit 7 Tiếng Anh lớp 6 - Grammar - Ngữ pháp


Danh sách hỏi đáp (104 câu):

  • What is your favouriteTV programme?

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    VTV is a … TV channel in Vietnam. It attracts millions of TV viewers in Vietnam. (national/ international/ local/ wide)

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  • Unit 7 TELEVISION Lesson: 3 Acloser look 2

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  • Hãy sửa các lỗi sai trong các câu sau đây (gạch chân lỗi sai rồi sửa lại sang bên cạnh )

    1 My parents is old but strong .

    2 He is a pilot but he is very big and tall

    3 I have a new book thick

    4 She reading in her room now

    5 My teacher don't play football

    6 We not have a big house

    7 Her mother have hair long and black

    8 He has a back eye

    9 My flat is have a small garden

    10 She can has a big house

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  • Rewrite the sentence

    1,My class has 24 tables.

    There are.......................

    2,the dog is behind the sheft.

    The sheft is in front....................

    3,the red bike is more expensive than the blue one

    Thr blue bike is..................

    4,nam is taller than any students in his class.

    Nam is the...............

    My dream house will have a hi-tech robot and an automatic dishwasher

    My dream house might..........

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  • Đánh giá những câu sau đây và sửa lỗi:

    1. Peter was unhappy because his result in the last exam he took.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    2. My father enjoys doing gardening in his spare time.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    4. Mike able to speak three languages.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    3. " I promised I don't make the mistake again" she said.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

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  • Choose the word which is pronounced diffently from the others:

    1.A.Chemistry B.Chair C.Couch D.Children

    2.A.student B.bus C.duty D.unit B.about D.our

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  • Put the words in each sentence in the correct order.

    1. favourite show What your TV is?


    2. we programme TV same the like.


    3. I like because boring not show is do this it.


    4. watch TV How you favourite do your show often?


    5. Show is on your favourite What TV channel?


    6. TV? your favourite programme What’s father’s


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  • ex3: Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense from

    1.Scholl(finish)_______at 4.30 pm every day.

    2._______you often(eat)____lunch in the scholl canteen?

    3.Listen!______they(sing)____in the classroom?

    4.My family like(spend)____our summer holidays at the seaside.

    5.We mustn'n(draw)___________on the wall.

    6.My father(be)________very kind.

    7.I(go)_____to the cinema with my sister this evening.

    8.What_____your brother(do)______now?HE(practice)____speaking English.

    9.Where____you(be),Phong-I'm upstairs.I(study)______lessons.

    10.I can't sleep because the children(talk)_____nosily.

    Giúp mik nha!!

    bn nào có đáp án thì nhắn tin cho mik!!! :)

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  • Match the questions and answers, and write the anwers in the blanks.

    ____ 1. What are you doing on Sunday? a. Jenny - she's visiting her mum.
    ____ 2. Are you helping John tomorrow? b. At the station, I think.
    ____ 3. What's Sarah doing tomorrow? c. No, we aren'tplaying any more matches this month.
    ____ 4. Where's John meeting us? d. No, certainly not. He never elps me.
    ____ 5. Who isn't coming to the party tomorrow? e. I'm working until lunchtime.
    ____ 6. Are you playing football next Monday? She's playing in the baseball tournament.

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  • 1. A. cheap B. great C. peace D. meal < gạch chân ea >

    2. A.lamps B. halls C. desks D. lights < gạch chân s >

    3. A. of B. shelf C. leaf D. knife < gạch chân f >

    4. A. bookcase B. Table C. behave D. game < gach chân a >

    Question II: Choose the best option to complete the following sentences

    5. A library in Whashington D.C, America, ... over 100 million books

    A. has B. reads C. gets D. borrows

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  • Read the text and choose the best answer:

    Home school : a good thing or a bad thing ?

    Some children don't go to school. Well, they don't learn in a classroom with a lof of other children ; they stay at home and study with their mum or dad. Thay don't learn at home because they have to , but because some parents think their children don't learn enough at normal schools.

    ' School isn't good for my son ' , says Miranda Peeler, who teachers her son, Ben,at home. ' Ben doesn't work in class ' . He play with his friends all the time and he doesn't listen to the teacher . There are 30 children in his class, and it's difficult for the teacher to teach ALL of them. Now T teach him at home . He learn all the important subjects and he does a lot of work. He has to ; he's the only one in the class! We study on the computer too. At school there is only one computer for all the children in the class. Ben like home school . He's a clever boy and he wants to learn . Here he can do that. Brenda Masters is a teacher. She doen's think it's a good idea.' Yes, children learn a lot at home school. But they don't play with their friends. They don't learn how to work in a group. Work is important but play is important too. Friends are important. Sport is important. School is important.

    1. A lot of children study at home because:

    A. their parents want to teach them at home .

    B. the teacher don't want the children at school.

    2. Ben's mother think :

    A. Ben doesn't study important subjects at school.

    B. the classes are verry big.

    3. At Ben's school :

    A. There are some computers.

    B. The children don't use computer.

    4. Brenda think :

    A. parents are's good teacher.

    B.Children have to work and play.

    5. Brenda thinks that home school is :

    A. a good thing.

    B. a bad thing.

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  • tìm từ phát âm khác với các từ còn lại

    1 , books students rulers desks

    2 , watches brushes daces lives

    3 , tables teachers lamps boards

    4 , goes fridger matches misses

    5 , laughs sinks posters months

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  • dịch các câu sau đây sang tiếng anh

    Nhìn kìa!Bọn trẻ đang chơi trốn tìm

    Kia là ngôi nhà của tôi,nó rất to và đẹp

    Ngày hôm qua,bạn đã ở đâu?

    Gia đình của tôi gồm có 4 người: bố mẹ,chị tôi và tôi

    Con gấu trúc thì thích ăn ngọn tre

    Bạn đang làm gì thế?

    Có phải ngày mai là thứ hai và có tiết Toán,Tiếng Anh

    Cô ấy đang bơi

    Tôi không bao giờ chơi đá bóng

    Tôi rất thích học môn toán vì tôi được học bởi rất nhiều con số đặc biệt

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  • Ex1 Write complete sentences,using word cues

    1 Thoa/not go/school/she/feel/tired

    2 My father/usually/eat/noodles/food stall

    3 I/would like/cold drink/it/hot

    4 I/feel/tired/I/sit down

    5 I/thirsty/I would like/orange juice

    6 I/cold/I/would like/hot drink

    Ex2: Fill in the blanks with some or any

    1 There aren't ....................bookshelves in the bedroom

    2 He has............rice for lunch

    3 Would you like.................iced tea,Lan?

    4 Do you want...................lettuce for lunch?

    5 there aren't..................cabbages on the table

    6 Is there...................meat for dinner?

    7 Are there..................students in the classroom?

    8 She juice

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  • Put he erbin the simple future rense

    1. He (play)................ for national football team next year

    2. Tom is very rich he (havel)..................... around the wored

    3. Nrs.Lan (meet) ......................... her now frend at 6p.m

    4. You (not/have) ........................ any problems

    5. Many people (serve) ................... you

    6. They (take) ............... you to the city

    7. There (not/be) .......... anything left when the party ends

    8. Everything (be) ................ perfed

    9. They (marry) when they graduate from University

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  • điền dạng đúng của động ừ if i....(come) soon i .....(phone) you câu hai.she....(feel) sad if you....(not,give) her a gift câu ba. if peter...(go)to work late again, he....(be) sacked

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  • chọn từ có phần gạch phát âm khác với các từ trong nhóm

    1. d.night(gạch chân chữ y)

    2. b.cabbage c.take d.matter(chữ a)

    3. a.thirsty b.white c.girl d.third(chữ i)

    4. a.door b.four c.floor d.foot(chữ oo)

    5. a.noodle c.tooth d.would(chữ oo cn từ cuối thì ou)

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  • Choose the correct answer A, B, C, D to finish the sentences

    1. Will you .......... me your pen for my examination this afternoon ?

    A. brrow B. lend C. allow D. permit

    2. A library in Washington D.C, America, .......... over 100 milon books.

    A. has B. read C. gets D. borrows

    3. Basketball is a popular after-school ........... in the U.S.

    A. play B. thing C. activity D. doing

    4. We sometimes ............. experiments in physics class.

    A. make B. work C. do D. doing

    5. Duong: ''I'm hungry now, Mum!''


    A. Would you like to go out?

    B. Let's cook dinner now.

    C. Why are you so hungry?

    D. Here is some bread and butter for you.

    6. Students can lear a lot about living things in ......... class.

    A. Chemistry B. Mathematics C. Geography D. Biology

    7. ''........ is it to the bookshop , please?''

    A. How much B. How often C.How long D. How far

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  • Hãy viết một đoạn văn vè những việc mà bạn làm trong bốn mùa.

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  • Read and circle

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    Bài tập Tiếng anh

    Bài tập Tiếng anh

    Read and circle

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