Hỏi đáp Unit 4 Tiếng Anh lớp 6 - Getting ready for school


Danh sách hỏi đáp (82 câu):

  • You always __________________ (teach) me new things.

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  • The weather this summer is even (hot) ______________ than last summer.

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  • What does she do?-She………………a teacher. (be)

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  • Hanh is usually early__________ school because she gets up early.

    A. on

    B. for

    C. at

    D. to

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    My friends want to study in a/an .............. school because they want to learn English with English speaking teachers there.

    A. national

    B. international

    C. creative

    D. boarding

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  • friendly/ because/ don’t/ I/ Joana/ she/ like/ isn’t

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  • My close friend is ready ____________ things with her classmates.

    A. share B. to share C. shares D. sharing

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  • We are excited ______ the first day of school.

    A. at

    B. with

    C. about

    D. in

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  • What …………….. your favourite sport?

    A. do

    B. does

    C. are

    D. is

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  • My brother wants to become a … to tell TV viewer what the weather is like (newsreader/ actor/ weatherman/ producer)

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  • Q1. I like to run ____ jump on the playground.  A. and B. or C. so D. but  Q2. I like orange, _____ not oranges.  A. but B. yet C. so D. and  Q3. We stayed at home __________ watched a film. A. and B. so C. but D. or  Q4. I have a lot of homework to do now __________ I can't go to the cinema with you. A. so B. but C. and D. or  Q5. He is very rich __________ he doesn't spend a lot of money. A. but B. and C. so D. or  Q6. Is the Empire State Building in New York __________ London? A. and B. or C. but D. so  Q7. I enjoy visiting many different countries __________ I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but the United States. A. but B. and C. or D. so  Q8.I can't remember his name, __________ I know his face from somewhere. A. but B. so C. and D. or  Q9. I will study my spelling words __________ I can get a good score on the test. A. and B. but C. or D. so  Q10. A month will pass __________ we see a full moon again. A. before B. unless C. as D. as soon as  Q11. I would not move to the moon __________ it is a beautiful place. A. if B. after C. as though D. although  Q12. I know the answer, __________ I can't tell you. A. but B. or C. so D.and  Q13.  She had a lot of friends _____ she was a friendly girl.  A. but B. and C. so D. because  Q14.  I had a cute puppy _____ I lost him.  A. and B. although C. so D. but  Q15. They didn’t want to be late ____ they hurried.  A. but B. so C. although D. because  Q16. My mom _________ dad took me to the movies to see "Frozen". A. because B. and C. although D. so  Q17. Gabriel ran fast, _________ he still did not win the race. A. and B. so C. but D. if  Q18. Haizum is always happy _____ cheerful. .A. because B. and C. unless D. but  Q19. Do you prefer to have hot ______ cold drink? A. and B. so C. but D. or  Q20. Kamal is always early _____ his brother is always late to school. A. and B. although C. but . D. because

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  • 1. ( I / be silly ?)

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  • Hãy điền đúng dạng so sánh của từ trong ngoặc vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:

    1.Bike is_______than motorbike.(cheap)

    2.The weather is___________today than yesterday.(bad)

    3.This test is________of all.(difficult)

    4.Motorbikes are__________than bikes.(expansive)

    5.Is hue_________than Ha Noi capital?(big)

    6.The country is___________than the city.(quiet)

    7.Minh's house is the_______to the town cente.(near)

    8.Which is the________city in your country?(large)

    9.Tha math book is_____________than the history book.(thick)

    10.London is________________than New York.(safe)

    11.Who is the_______person in your family?(old)

    12.Hambledon is the__________village in England.(pretty)

    13.Is the Undergruond in London_______________than the Metro in Paris.(good)

    14.The town isn't very clean.The country is__________(clean)

    15.Who is the_________person in the word.(rich)

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  • says pays stays boys

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  • How many lesons do you have today ?

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  • Đặt câu hỏi cho các câu trả lời :

    1. There is an armichair 1. ............................................?

    2. We live on Le Loi street. 2. ...........................................?

    3. T_U_A_N, Tuan. 3. ..............................................?

    4. It's a shoolbag. 4. ...............................................?

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  • Football is a popular sport game . Football is a team games and it's last about 90 minutes . Each team must have 11 player . To play this , all equipment we need is a ball . We just kick the ball over the another team . The team has more scores will be the winner . I really like football because it make me feel stronger , healthy .

    ( Bài này có lỗi sai ko ạ . Mn chỉ em vs )

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  • 1.I was sitting in the back row of the theatre so I could hardly see the ...

    A.painter B.musician C.composer D.writter

    2.I haven't got ... bread left for breakfast.

    A.a C.any D.some

    3.There ... bottles of mineral water in the fridge.

    A.aren't some B.are any C.are some some

    4.She's got ... nice photo of her class. B.a C.some D.any

    5.Would you like ... yoghurt and cold water.

    A.any B.a D.some

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  • This is your mother's brother. _ _ _ _ _

    She is your father's mother. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    This is the person a man is married to. _ _ _ _

    This is your father's sister. _ _ _ _

    If your child is a girl, she is this. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    If your child is a boy, he is this. _ _ _

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  • IV. Use the words given to writer a paragraph about Huong's hobby.

    Huongw / be/ student/ class 7A/ Quang Trung school. Collect glass bottles/ be/ one of/ favorite hobbies. She/start/ hobby/ when/ ten years old. She often/ share/ hobby/ sister. She/ find/ hobby/ interesting/ useful. She/ feel/ happy/ when/ look at/ beautyful flower vases/ make/ them. She/ continue/ hobby/ future/ because it/ help/ save/ nvironment.

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  • Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect tense

    1. I just .......... (finish) my homework

    2. They ........... (live) in the countryside for 15 years

    3. You ever ....... (be) to Hue Citadel ?

    4. I ......... (not) see her for ages

    5. This the highest hotel that ever ........ (see)

    6. A lot of people ............ (become) rich recently

    7. I .............. (not/understand) his lesson so far

    8. I ............. (play) the guitar since I ........... (be) a boy

    9. We ............... (not/see) him since we ............. (leave) school

    10. They already ........... (prepare) the meal

    11. My heath ............. (become) woesr lately

    12. He .............. (not/drive) since his last accident

    13. I never ............ (meet) anyone that is more intelligent than him

    14. I ........... (read) this book several times

    15. He ............. (stop) drinking since his father's death

    16. He .......... (not/be) there yet

    17. I .......... (learn) how to be have since I was born

    18. Up to now, we ........... (make) three sentences

    19. You ............. (eat) this kind of food ?

    20. We ........... (be) here since the president ............... (appear)

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  • tìm lỗi sai và sửa

    1. every morning,she gets up and go to school

    2. she have breakfast at school

    3.he goes to bed in10:00 p.m

    4.his school has four floor school is on the city

    6.Mr.Tuan work in a book company

    7.she is go to judo class tomorrow

    8. thay travelling to Hong Kong next monday

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  • I. Complete the sentence using these following cue words

    1. It / easy / find / book / either / author / title

    2. Those / book / back / library / be / VietNamese

    3. Your father / watch / TV / sitting room / the moment ?

    4. Magazines / newspapers / be / the rack / conner / the left

    5. Our library / one / the / large / libraries / city

    II. Put the verbs in blankets into correct form

    1. Why you (make) ___________________ so much noise in your room, Lan ?

    - We (rehaearse) ____________________ a play for the school anniversary celebrations

    2. My sister (practice) ___________________ the violin in the club twice a week

    3. They (give) _____________________ a farwell party next week

    4. What your father usually (do) _____________________ in the evening ?

    - He usually (watch) __________________ TV, but sometimes he (read) ______________ books

    5. We (not go) _________________________ to the cinema very often

    6. I (see) ______________________ a movie next Saturday. You (go) ________________________ with me ?

    IV. Find the mistake then corrects it (There're some sentences with no mistake)

    1. Mrs Brown eats a few fruit for breakfast

    2. I have less books in English than my classmates

    3. We are going to have a two - weeks summer vacation in Hue next month

    4. My uncle is a architect and he works in HCM City

    5. Do American students have more vacations a year than Vietnamese ones ?

    6. Long usually stays up lately to do his homework

    7. How much hours does Hoa's brother work a week ?

    8. In the future robots will do all the housework for me and you

    9. A farmer needs feeding the animals everyday of the year

    10. Mr.Thanh doesn't live in the country, and we don't , too

    V. Match the column A with the column B

    0. A mailman

    a. makes bread
    1. A pilot b. looks after people in hospital
    2. An interpreter c. writes for a newspaper
    3. A hairdresser d. works in a hotel
    4. A nurse e. translate things
    5. An actor f. sells thing
    6. A mechanic g. files a plance
    7. A journalist h. cuts hair
    8. A receptionist i. mends cars
    9. A baker j. makes films
    10. A shopkeeper k. delivers letters

    VI. Write the correct form of verb

    1. My brother is a ___________________________ at Vietnam National University, Ha Noi (STUDY)

    2. That _________________________ paints beautiful pictures (ART)

    3. Ask the _________________________ if you can borrow this book (LIBRARY)

    4. That _________________ plays a lot of different instruments (MUSIC)

    5. Lan's brother is a ___________________ . He play it very well (PIANO)

    6. If the machine goes wrong, tell the ___________________ (ENGINE)

    7. We have a ______________________ who comes twice a week (GARDEN)

    8. Phone the _______________ if the lights don't work (ELECTRIC)

    9. Miss Quyen is a ________________________. She travels a lot (JOURNAL)

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