Hỏi đáp Unit 6 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Writing


Danh sách hỏi đáp (8 câu):

  • I. Use the correct form of the words to complete each of the following sentences

    impairment, charity, disability, donate, preference, integration, respectful, campaign, discriminate, appreciate

    1. Buses and trains need to reserve some special seats or areas for women with babies, the elderly and the _____________

    2. Those who do noisy jobs such as airport ground staff or construction workers for a long time are likely to have hearing __________

    3. It is crucial for teenagers to participate in _____________ work of any kind. That helps them learn how to care and share.

    4. Both parents and teachers need to teach children to have a __________ attitude to the elderly.

    5. Making a small __________ to a charity helps young people be aware of the value of money.

    6. To many students, working with a tutor is ___________ to working with a peer.

    7. Jane's mother always ___________ her attempt to fulfill her duties even when she was not successful.

    8. Jaden was involved in planning an election _________ for the president of his country.

    9. It is significantto _________ children with special needs into ordinary schools so that they are more accepted by their community.

    10. Racial__________ doesn't seem to be ended, even in multicultural countries like America or Canada.

    II.Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

    1. A: A new house ___________ for the homeless children.

    B: Really? When ___________ it built?

    A. has been built / has been

    B. built / was

    C. was built / was

    D. has been built/ was

    2.The Prime Minister ___________ our university. He __________ to students about the orientation for their future career early today.

    A. has visited / spoke

    B. visited / spoke

    C. has visited / has spoken

    D. visited / was speaking

    3. At the last meeting, the Student Union ________ to hold a craft and art exhibition to raise money for the kids who _______ from cancer.

    A. has decided / suffered

    B. decided / suffer

    C. has decided / suffer

    D. decided/ suffered4

    IV. Find the mistakes

    1. Newly-born infants should BE screened for their HEARING in order to receive early TREATMENT if it is IMPAIRMENT.

    2. The aircraft OF Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 , which HAS DISAPPEARED on the 8th OF March 2014, HAS not been recovered.

    3. The findings of a study show that students HAVE CHANGED their attitude TOWARDS the poor after INVOLVE in some CHARITABLE work.

    4>The persons with DISABILITIES in Malaysia will have MORE to smile about because several LOCAL companies are now OFFERED jobs to them.

    5. MORE AND MORE organizations have BEEN recently FOUND to have helped the poor and ORPHANS in Vietnam.

    6. It is BELIEVED that people are HAPPIER THAN they help OTHERS.

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  • now some parents think that English grammar is more important than spoken English. Do you agree or disagree with that? Write an easay to express your ideas.

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  • EXERCISE 1: Chuyển các câu sau sang bị động

    1. My father waters this flower every morning.

    2. John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night.

    3. Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen.

    4. We should clean our teeth twice a day.

    5. Our teachers have explained the English grammar.

    6. Some drunk drivers caused the accident in this city.

    7. Tom will visit his parents next month.

    8. The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning.

    9. Did Mary this beautiful dress?

    10. I won’t hang these old pictures in the living room.

    11. The German didn’t build this factory during the Second World War.

    12. The Greens are going to paint this house and these cars for Christmas Day.

    13. Ann had fed the cats before she went to the cinema.

    14. The students have discussed the pollution problems since last week.

    15. Have the thieves stolen the most valuable painting in the national museum?

    16. Some people will interview the new president on TV.

    17. How many languages do they speak in Canada?

    18. Are you going to repair those shoes?

    19. He has broken his nose in a football match.

    20. Have you finished the above sentences?

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  • Topic:

    How to keep good health.

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    Mong đc trả lời nhanh ạ <3

    IV. Fill in each blank one suitable word

    During the year children in England usually try their (1) to study well at school and help their mother (2) The housework. They have no (3) on Christmas Day. They stay at home to help their parents decorate the house (4) the Christmas tree. Before bedtime (5) Christmas Eve, they put (6) at the feet on their beds, Father Christmas will bring them (7) during the night. On Christmas day they go (8) in the morning , then have a special (9) with turkey and Christmas (10). After that they play some games in the afternoon

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  • 1, Supply the correct verb form of gerund of present participle

    1,(Feel)...hungry, he went into the kitchen and opened the fridge

    2, My boss spends two hours a day (travel)...to work

    3, (Swim)... is my favourite sport

    4, One of life's pleasure is (have)...breakfast in bed.

    5, (whistle)... to himself, he walked down the road

    6, In spite of (miss)... the train, we arrived on time

    7, They found the money... (lye) on the ground

    8, He was trapped in a (burn)...house

    9, I'm tired of....(work) eignt hours a day

    10, She always puts off (go)...to the dentist

    2, Supply the correct verb form of Gerund, Present Participle or perfect participle

    1, She admintted(kill)....her husband

    2, I regret(write)...her that letter

    3, I enjoy (play)...tennis with my friends

    4, Martin denied(see)... the accused man on the day of the crime

    5, (Tell)... me that we should never speak again, she picked up her stuff and stormed out of the house

    6. - Will you enter for the next aloquence contest?

    -(Win)... twice, I don't want to try again. Let's give chances to other

    7.(Improve)... her English Pie's promotion prospects are much better

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  • 16.But for your help, I couldn’t have passed the exam. Had _____you not helped me , i couldn't have passed the exam______________________________________.
    17. “When will you come back, Nga?” I asked _______nga when she would come back____________________________________.
    18.No one has bought this house. This house ______hasn't been bought_____________________________________.
    19.She didn't take an umbrella so she got wet. She wouldn't __________have got wet if she had taken an umbrella_________________________________.
    20.It was a mistake for him to buy that house. He shouldn’t _________have bough that house________________________________.
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  • Hãy viết 1 đoạn văn nói về 1 cuộc thi gần đây em tham gia trong đó có dùng gợi ý như:

    tổ chức ở đâu khi nào, đó là loại thi đấu nào, ai tổ chức, ai tham gia, ai thắng, e thích ko, tại sao có , tại sao ko?

    Các bạn giúp mình bài tập này nhé, cảm ơn các bạn

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