Hỏi đáp Unit 5 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Speaking


Danh sách hỏi đáp (5 câu):

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  • 1. We like their ___________________ (friendly).

    2. The ________________ between Vietnam and China is good. (friend)

    3. They seem to be ________________. We dislike them. (friend)

    4. There will be a ___________________ in this street. (meet)

    5. We saw ___________________ girls there. (beauty)

    6.The garden is ________________ with trees and flowers. (beauty)

    7. They enjoy the ___________________ atmosphere here. (peace)

    8. The ___________________ unit of currency is the Ringit. (Malaysia)

    9. In ___________________, there are other religions. (add)

    10. They like Pho Bo. ________________, they enjoy Bun Bo. (add)

    11. The ___________________ anthem of Viet Nam is sung. (nation)

    12. There is an ________________ match between Vietnam and Lebanon on VTV3. (nation)

    13. The language of ___________________ is Bahasa Malaysia. (instruct)

    14. Ao Dai is the ___________________ dress of Vietnamese women. (tradition)

    15. ___________________, Ao Dai is worn by women. (tradition)

    16. To Huu is a famous__________________ (poetry). His ________________ are interesting.

    17. Ao Dai is always ___________________ (fashion)

    18. Jeans are ___________________ made from cotton. (complete)

    19. The ___________________ from Genoa enjoyed wearing jeans. (work)

    20. ___________________ of clothes always goes up. (sell)

    21. At the ___________________ to the village, we saw the accident. (enter)

    22. They had an ___________________ day by the river. (enjoy)

    23. They are ___________________ - qualified teachers. (good)

    24. We need further ___________________ (inform)

    25. This book is very ________________ (inform)

    26. Look at the ___________________. Rain Bi looks handsome. (advertise)

    27. It is an ___________________ program. (interest)

    28. The song is ________________ to me. (interest)

    29. We felt ________________ in the show. (interset)

    30. English is his ___________________ . (nation)

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  • Would you please.....your car here?(cho minh cau truc luon nha)

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  • NONE
    Hỏi đáp nhanh với App HOC247

    Hoàn thành những câu sau với những cụm từ cho sẵn

    leave the motorway at junction 3                        buy a guide book

    read through our notes                                      do more exercise

    reduce bus and train fares                                  look after the children

    listen to the BBC World Service                           go to the doctor

    go for a long walk                                              build it to the east of the city

    To find my way around London; Les suggested _______
    To encourage people to use public transport the council proposed ________
    I'd been feeling unwell for a few days and my mother advised ________
    I've putting on weight and my doctor has recommended  __________
    To avoid the road works, police have advised __________
    She was going abroad for two weeks and I promised __________
    To help us prepare for the exam, the teacher advised us __________
    To improve her English pronunciation, the teacher recommended her __________
    London urgently needs a new airport, and the government proposes ___________
    It was a lovely morning and Emma suggested ___________

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