Hỏi đáp Unit 4 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Speaking


Danh sách hỏi đáp (5 câu):

  • I. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets

    1. David ... his hands. He ... the television set. (wash/ just repair)

    3. It ... hard. We can't do anything until it ... . (rain/ stop)

    4. Come to see me at 5 this afternoon. I ... home until 4.30 (not arrive)

    II. Choose the odd one

    A. Control

    B. Start

    C. Run

    D. Engine

    III. Choose the best answer

    1. ... pencils and paper, every student will have a computer.

    A. By; B. Instead; C. Instead of; D. At

    2. We might have a ... TV to watch TV programmes from space.

    A. wireless; B. remote; C. automatic; D. local

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  • I. Build sentences from the given words

    1. We/must/avoid/waste/so much time.

    2. Sometimes/a country/refuse/participate/the Olympics.

    3. I/like/see/the Rocky Mountains/some days.

    4. I/mean/give/July/a nice welcome/yesterday.

    5. I/always/like/see/my doctor/ one a year.

    6. The buses/usually/stop/run/befor midnight.

    7. I/can't stand/get up/at five/tomorrow.

    8. Last year/we/make/an arrangement/work/together.

    9.Yesterday/you/promise/carry on/shoot/the flim.

    10. My father/seen/get/better/now

    II. Rearrange these words to complete the sentences

    1.grandparents/ for/ the/ my/ wallk/ a/ park/ to

    2.because/ the/ bad/ were/ at/ pupils/ wether/ stay/ allowed/ to/ of home

    3.will/ ready/ the/ to/ bus/ we/ be/ when/ go/ comes.

    4.call/ to/ do/ me/ you/ tonight/ you/ want?

    5.hearing/ to/ I/ looking/ from/ forward/ you/ am

    III. Rewrite sentences

    1. Linh likes collecting stamps of different countries in the world. ( enjoy )

    2. Ha likes going on the picnic with her best friends at weekends. ( interested )

    3. What I always want to do every morning is to play badminton. ( keen )

    4. My brother and I are really interested in watching honor flims. ( fond )

    5. My cousin is a big fan of Manchester United football team. ( crazy )

    IV. Correct the sentences

    1.We've finished to decorate the flat.

    2.I regret say what I did.

    3.Tessa decided go not to work.

    4. Do you mind help me?

    5.I can't afford buy a new car.

    6.I hope to avoid to make things wors

    7.She really enjoys to read novels.

    8.He spent much time to work with his computer.

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  • Put the verbs in the corect tenses

    1. I have bought two tickets. My wife and I(see) a movie tonight

    2. Mary thinks Peter (get) the job

    3. I (move) from my house tomorrow. I have packed everything

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  •  Em hãy đặt câu hỏi để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau 

    Lien : Hello , Hung . (1) ........................... today ?

    Hung : I have Math , Geography , Science and History 

    Lien : (2)...........................................?

    Hung : We study past and present evens in Viet Nam and aroud the word .

    Lien : And (4) ................................... At recess ?

    Hung : I often play marbles and sometimes I play blindman's bluff 

    Lien : (5) .........................................?

    Hung : No , I never skip rope . It's for girls

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    Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

    a. wholy                 b. wrap            c. write            d. who
    a. flood                 b. good            c. foot             d. look
    a. mountain           b. country       c. drought        d. hour
    a. university           b. student        c. volunteer    d. museum
    a. handicapped    b. advantaged c. organized     d. raised

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