Hỏi đáp Unit 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Speaking


Danh sách hỏi đáp (15 câu):

  • Kiểm tra số 3 năm học 2019-2020

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  • write an e mail about favourite room in your house

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  • 44. Come to class on time or you will be punished.
    -> If........

    45. The last time we saw the flim was in 1998.
    -> I.....

    48. " I may have a new job"
    -> She said....

    50. Mai last heard from her parents was 6 years ago.
    -> Mai........

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  • Cho hỏi dùng cái nào thì đúng nha, lm ơn mai mk cần gấp :

    + My first impression of her was the cute smile.

    + My first impression of her is the cute smile.

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    chia V khocroihelp me chiều đi học rồi

    1. Toshico had her car (repair) by a mechanic.

    2. Ellen got Marvin (type) her paper.

    3. We got our house (paint) last week.

    4. Dr Byrd is having the students (write )a composition.

    5. Mark got his transcripts (send) to the university.

    6. The police.(to arrest) two people early this morning.
    7. She( go) to Japan but now she (come) back.
    8. Dan (already/ buy) two tablets this year.
    9. How many games (your team/to win) so far this season?
    10. (you/to visit) the CN Tower when you ( stay) in Toronto?
    11 your homework yet? – Yes, I it an hour ago. (you/ do - finish)
    12. There an accident in High Street, so we have to use King Street to get to your school. ( be)
    13. I Peter since I last Tuesday. (not/ see - arrive)
    14. Frank his bike last May. So he it for 4 months. ( get - have)

    16.Maria is having her hair (cut) tomorrow.

    17. Will Mr. Brown have the porter (carry) his luggage to his car?

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  • Order words to make sentences


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  • 1/ was it a public holiday, so all the banks were closed since ?

    -> Since ________________

    2/ Peter doesn't have a car to drive to work

    -> Peter wishes _____________

    3/ "where is the ticket office?" asked Tony

    -> Tony asked ___________

    4/ They bult a bridge across the river last year

    -> The Bridge ____________

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  • giúp mình với

    viết kak kau sau dung tinh từ ghép

    1. the meeting lasts for two hours => it is

    2.they are building a bridge whih is two kilometers long.=> they are building....

    3, the trips lasts ten days. => it is

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  • dịch sang tiếng anh

    a)tết là thời gian bận rộn nhất trong năm

    b)tết là thời gian tụ họp gia đinh

    c)hà tĩnh là thành phố mới nhất ở miền trung

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  • Viết lại câu :

    Nga is my friend \(\rightarrow\)I ...

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  • Trái nghĩa với từ peaceful là gì, bạn nào giúp mình với!

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  • He is a .... .. person because he is always friendly with everyone. 

    a. helful                b. good-natured             c. honest                d. quick-witted

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  • 1. Các bạn dịch hộ mk mấy câu này với:

    2. Physicist - Physics Careers - Job Description Facts & Information.

    3. Physicists study everything from tiny atomic particles to the entire Universe asa whole.

    4. Important subjects related to physics include chemistry, algebra, calculus, statistics and computer science.

    5. Courses that can be taken as part of a physics degree includethermodynamics, astrophysics, electricity and magnetism, particle physics,nuclear physics, kinematics, quantum physics and more. 

    6. Those who choose a career in physics can work in private industries, academic institutions or government agencies.

    7. Some physicists study theory while others apply it to the development ofproducts such as medical equipment and electronic devices.

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  • The Duke had to punish the moneylender but he also wanted to show ........Then after the trial Bassanio wanted to show thet he was.... .....to Doctor Balthsar,but he didn't want to give away his ring at first .So he offered the young lawyer an expensive ring.........Before Doctor balthsar left,Antonio and Bassanio invited him and his clerk to..........with them,but the young lawyer refused the .........Later that day the lawyer's clerk took the agreement to Shylock's house for the moneylender  to...........
    Giúp mình với ,điền vào chỗ trống

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  • Các bạn ơi, giúp mình bài tập này với nhé, không cần chi tiết lắm đâu, chỉ cần sườn bài thôi.

    Nói về 1 trải nghiệm đáng nhớ trong cuộc đời. 

    Cảm ơn các bạn!

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