Hỏi đáp Test Yourself A Unit 1 - 3 Tiếng Anh lớp 11


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  • Choose the best answer
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  • 1. You should catch the train at 9 am so that you can arrive ........Hue at 5pm

    A. to B. in C. on D. at

    2. She was very kind........ my friends when they were in Hanoi.

    A. for B. to C. at D. with

    3. They will come to our house ........10 minutes

    A. for B. to C. in D. during

    4. The success of the holiday depends................. the weather

    A. for B. on C. to D. X

    5. At weekends, he often rides his bike to the countryside ............improve his health.

    A. so as to B. in order to C. to D. All are correct

    6. What do people do for a.......,.in your home village?

    A. live B. life C. living D. lives

    7. Ba hurt his foot while he.................... down the boat

    A. climbed B. climbs C was climbing D. is climbing

    8. I...........a letter to my best friend last night

    A. write B. am writing C. wrote D. will- write

    9. Mary tried to avoid................... him

    A. meeting B. meet C. to meet D. met

    10. when was the last time you............to you village

    A. return B. returned C. have returned D. was returning

    11..........................does it take to get to the river from here?

    A. How far B. How much C. How many D. How long

    12. Be polite to the people you meet. Everyone likes .................

    A. politeness B. impolitely C. impolite D. None is correct

    13. We haven't been there......... two years

    A. since B. for C. during D.in

    14. After two hours traveling by car, we......a quiet town by the sea.

    A. came B. arrived C. reached D. got

    15.....................is your home village from here?

    A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How

    16. Lien is looking forward to the trip .Ha Long Bay

    A. in B. to C. at D.about

    17...................Jane was young, she used to swim in the river.

    A. Since B. When C. while D. For

    18..............you hurry, we won't catch the bus.

    A.If B. Unless C. When D. Although

    19. How long...............it...........you to get there?

    A. is /take B. does /take C. is /taking D. has/taken

    20. What time ....your train ...tomorrow?

    A. do /leave B. does/ leave C. will/ leave D. has/ left

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  • i/ choose the one word or phrase abc or d, that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase
    4. the school appeared essentially ______ since my day
    a, changed b. unchanged c. changeable d. unchangeable
    5, i've got lots of_____ but only a few are really good friends
    a. close friends b. accquaintances c. neighbors d. partners
    6, unselfishness is the very essence of friendship
    a. romantic part b. important part c. difficult part d, interesting part
    7. they ____ a close friendship at university
    a. created b. became c. promoted d. formed
    8. we stayed friends even after we ____ and left home
    a. brought up b. turned up c. grew up d. took up
    9. Sarah brightened ____ considerably as she thought of Emily's words
    a. with b. on c. up d. for
    10. does he tell you how he is getting ___ his new friend
    a. on with b. on of c. away with d. out of
    11. there is no truth in the ___ that Margaret has lost her job
    a. rumour b. case c. instance d. news
    12. friendship is a two side ____; it lives by give and take
    a. affair b. event c. way d. aspect
    13. Jen had confided her secret to Mark ; but he betrayed her _________-
    a, loyalty b. trust c. constancy d. sympathy
    14. it was so relaxing to be ___ old friend
    a. in b. between c. among d. around
    15. she's made friends ___ a little girl who lives next door
    a. to b. of c.by d. with
    16. the children seem to be totally capable _____ working by themselves
    a. on b. of c. in d, for
    17. they were extremely ____ to my plight
    a. sympathyzed b. sympathetic c. sympathy d. sympathetical
    18. the president expressed his deep sorrow over the bombing deaths
    a. sadness b. anxiety c. disappointment d. interest

    1. the aim of the culture festival is ___ friendship beween the two countries
    a, promote b. promoting c. to promote d, being promoted
    2. how can you let such a silly incident ____ your friendship
    a. wreck b, to wreck c, wrecking d. that wrecks
    3. i think your mother should let you ___ your own mind
    a. make up b. to make up c. making up d. made up
    4. do you know what made so many people ___ their home >
    a. evacuate b. to evacuate c. evacuated d. be evacuated
    5. it has become necessary ___ water in the metropolitan area because of the severe drought
    a. rationing b. ration c. to ration d. to have rationed
    6. ______ good ice cream, you need to use alot of cream
    a. make b. making c. to make d. for make
    7. i got my friend ___ her car for the weekend
    a. to let me to borrow b. to let me borrow
    c. let me borrow d. let me to borrow
    8, he finds it ___ lasting friendships
    a. difficuld to make b. difficulty in making c. is difficult to make d. difficult making
    9. they ___ god friends but they've fallen out recently
    a. used to be b. would be c. were d. are
    10. how about going to the theater? ok but i would reather ___ a concert
    a. attend b. to attend c, attending d. have attended
    11. jim doesn't speak very clearly____
    a. its difficult to understand him
    b. its difficult for understanding him
    c, he's difficult in understand him
    d. its difficult to understand
    12. last night we saw a meteor __ through the sky
    a. streaked b. to streak c. streak d. to have streaked
    13. the skiers would reather ___ through the mountains than go by bus
    a. to travel on train b. traveled by train c. travel by train d. traveling by the train
    14. ___bread, you usually need flour salt and yeast
    a. make b. to make c. making d. for make
    15. i was delighted ___ my old friend again
    a. to see b. seeing c. seen d. to be seen
    16. i'd rather __ to Elvis than the Beatles
    a. listen b. to listen c. listening d. listened
    17. of we leave now for our trip, we can drive half the distance before we stop ___ lunch
    a. having b. to have c. having had d. for having
    18. its possible ___ a train across Canada
    a. take b. to take c. taking d. to be taken
    19. before we leve, let's have Shelley ___ a map for us so we won't get lost
    a. draw b. to draw c. drawing d. drawn

    1. simon (finds) (it hard) (for making) friends (with) other children
    2. whatever (happened) i (didn't want) (to lose) friendship (of) Vera
    3. (during) a curfew it is not possible (walking) (on) the streets after (a specifield) hour
    4. clay (that) (has been) heated or fried in a kiln cannot (to be) (softened) again
    5. as they (grow older) children in many cultures (were taught) (not to rely) (on their parents)
    6. the basic (aims of )science and magic are very (similar) (to understand) and (to control) nature

    1. they arrived home late
    -he saw
    2. she didn't want to stay there for the weekend
    -they made her
    3. contacting her at work is quite easy
    - she is quite easy
    4. can you sign the papers please? they are ready now
    - the papers are
    5. dont lend Tom any money. that would be most unwise
    - you would be
    6. mr. pinchley doesn't allow his teenage children to go out in the evenings
    - mr pinchley makes
    7, harry couldn't get his parents permission to boy a motorboke
    -harry's parents didn't
    8, my sister asks me to iron some clothes for her
    .- my sister has

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  • 1 she / had / do / the / housework / all / day / after / her father / get / married / a new / wife

    2 We / not / use / have eletricity / when / we / live / in the / countryside

    3. When the prince / find / the shoe / he / decide / to marry / the / girl / owned / it

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  • Các bạn giúp mik nhé

    Sắp ik học rồi

    16 h là ik học rồi

    She has studies computer science since last year.
    She was studying I meet her last year.
    She (never) studies this lesson because she doesn't like it.
    She has never studied this lesson before.
    She has (never) studied this lesson again.
    She (never) studied this lesson last months.
    She hasn't (never) studied this lesson until yesterday.

    a/ Các bạn hãy dịch nghĩa các câu trên

    b/ Những từ gạch chân là thì gì?

    c/ Tại sao lại điề từ đó?

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  • Choose the correct answer.

    1. I don't mind _______ late, if it will help at all.

    a. to work                         b. to be work                         c. working                  d. being working

    1. I remember _______ to the zoo when I was a child.

    a. to take             b. to be taken                        c. taking                                 d. being talking

    1. We managed _______ over the wall without ________.

    a. to climb/ seeing                                              b. climbing/ being seen

    c. to climb/ being seen                           d. to be climbed/ seeing

    1. Isabel expected _______ to the university, but she wasn't.

    a. to admit            b. to be admitted       c. admitting   d. being admitted

    1. The city council agreed _______ the architect's proposed design for a new parking garage.

    a. to accept          b. to be accepted      c. accepting   d. being accepted

    1. The tin opener seems for _______ left-handed people.

    a. to design          b. to be designed      c. designing   d. being desigried

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