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  bởi Lân Nguyễn 07/09/2020

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  • Giúp em -.-

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    Trắc nghiệm hay với App HOC247

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  • Children(need)........................... love.

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  • Đặt câu hỏi cho từ in đậm (wh question)

    1) Mr. Robertson came to the party with his friends

    2) Mr. Robertson came to the party with his friends

    3) Marie Curie was born in warsaw on november 7th

    4) Marie Curie was born in warsaw on november 7th

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  • Levi Strauss ,a young.........(1) from Germany, arrived in San Francisco in 1850. California was in the middle of the Gold Rush, thousand of men were coming to California to dig for gold. And Levi Strauss came to sell canvas to these.....(2) Canvas is heavy fabric. So Levi Strauss thought the miners could use the canvas for tents.

    One day Strauss heard a miner.........(3) that he couldn't find clothes.....(4) for the work he was doing Strauss got an idea. He quickly took some of his canvas and made it....(5) pants.These are pant were....(6) the miner needed. In on day Strauss sold all the pants he had made.

    Strauss wanted to improve his pants. He wanted to make them avent better. He bought a fabric that was softer than canvas but just as strong. This fabric came from Nimes ,a city in France ,and was called serge de Nimes.The miners liked this fabric. They called it ''denime'' (from de Nimes) and bought even more pants from Strauss

    However, denim had....(7) Because of this the denim pants did not look interesting and thay got dirty easily. To solve these problems ,Strauss made the denim blue.

    Strauss continued to improve his jeans. Today ,the company he started is known around world and jeans are considered not just practical but very fashionable as well

    1. A. immigrate B. immigrant C. immiigrate D. migrate

    2. A. gold mines B. gold mining C. gold miners D. mining gold

    3. A. complain B.tell C. ask D. talk

    4.A.enough strong B.strong enough C.streng D. strength enough

    5. A.from B. for C.into D. to

    6. A.that B. what C. which D. No word is needed

    7. A.colorful B.colorless C. no color D. color

    8. The word ''to improve'' means..............

    A. to make better B. to find more C. to take care D. to look after

    9. The phrase ''around the world'' means...............

    A. outside the world B. the world over C. near the world D. woldwide

    10. People like jeans because thay are................

    A. practical B. fashionable C. colorful D. A and B

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  •                                          Who should do the homework ?

    Even in the age whrn most women (0) go out to work, many of them full-time, they still find themselves doing most (1)           the chores. Research shows that mothers spend, on average, three hours a dey (2)          housework and cooking, whereas fathers spend just 45 minutes. Men still expect women to do that housework. (3)          men do things around the house, they act as though they are doing their partner a favor. They say things like:'' I' ve done the washing-up (4)       you'',instead of regardinh it as something (5)          benefits both of them.

    Housework is (6)         important that couples should discuss (7)             along with all the other big issues when they are first deciding whether to marry or (8)           Men give all sorts of excuses for not doing housework:'' I work long hours and I don't think my wife's work is as stressful as (9)        or:'' I would do more but she ' s so much better (10)          it than me ''. But what a man really means by this (11)            that he feels his job is ultimately (12)          important than his partner's.  



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  • Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời những câu hỏi sau

         Hearing – impaired people cannot hear sounds well. How do they ‘hear’ words and talk?

         Many hearing – impaired people use American Sign Language (ASL). They talk with their hands. Sometimes two hearing – impaired people talk to each other. They both use ASL. Sometime a person listens to someone talking, and then he or she makes hand signs.

         There are two kinds of sign language. One kind has a sign for every letter in the alphabet. The person spells words. This is finger spelling. The other kind has a sign for whole words. There are about five thousand of these signs. They are signs for verbs, things and ideas. Some of the signs are very easy, for example, eat, milk, and horse. You can see what they mean. Others are more difficult, for example, star, egg, or week.

          People from any country can learn ASL. They don’t speak words. They use signs, so they can understand people from other countries.

         ASL is almost like a dance. The whole body talks. American Sign Language is a beautiful language.

    1. How do many hearing-impaired people “talk”?

    a. by eyes

    b. by signals

    c. by works

    d. by hands

    2. How does a person interpret for hearing-impaired people?

     a. He listens to someone talking, and then makes hand signs.

     b. He talks through a special equipment used for the deaf.

     c. He listens to someone talking and writes down the words.

     d. He uses hand signs to translate what hearing-impaired people say.

    3. How many signs are there for finger spelling?

    a. 2

    b. 24

    c. 26

    d. 32

    4. Why can people from different countries talk to each other with ASL?

     a. Because they speak different languages

     b. Because they use signs instead of words.

     c. Because they can not hear.

     d. Because they understand each other.

    5. Which of the following sentences is not true?

     a. Hearing-impaired people cannot hear sounds well.

     b. There are more signs for words than for letters.

     c. A person who interprets for hearing-impaired people can hear.

     d. Africans cannot learn ASL because they don’t speak English.

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